January 2012 Vision of the steep, narrow, hot, dry, dusty road with boulders

Jesus was standing by a well. He reached out His hand to me and I took hold of it. He led me up up a steep, narrow road that had lots of rocks on it. As larger rocks appeared in the road, Jesus gently helped me climb over each one. It was very hot & the going was extremely difficult as the road was steep and narrow. Jesus bent down to scoop some water from a pool & He gave me a drink. I realized that He knew I was thirsty even though I didn’t ask Him for a drink. We eventually arrived at the top. The view was amazing & I was aware of the tangible presence of God. I didn’t want to leave that place. Jesus said “Look up”. I looked up, but all I could see was the blue sky. Suddenly the sky turned black & stars began to appear. There were too many for me to count. Jesus said “These are the stars in your crown, but you must be patient as there are many obstacles to overcome, but you will stand on My Holy Mountain”. Daniel 12:3

 June 2012 Vision of Jesus standing in the doorway of the church:
Jesus was standing in the doorway of the church with His arms outstretched. He had a smile on His face & I had the impression that He was very happy. He said, “This is My Church”. Then He started twirling and whirling around and around inside the building with His arms outstretched and He came and stood back at the doorway. He said, “I am going to fill this building with My Presence and I want you to bring My Presence into My Church”.

I asked Him how He wanted me to fulfil this vision and He reminded me of the Glory Conference which I had just completed in April. I believe He asked me to run a Conference to teach on the Glory of His Presence. Rev 4:1-2


February 2013   Vision of the prayer shawl.
In the first part Jesus had His arms outstretched and over His arms was draped a Jewish prayer shawl. He said “I want you to collect these prayer shawls”

In the second part the shawl was folded on top of a table and hands were being laid on it. He said “Lay hands on the shawls, pray over them and anoint them in My name.”

In the third part the shawls were being draped over the shoulders of people who were wearing black hats, black clothes and had curly hair growing down the sides of their face. He said “The anointing will break the yoke”.


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