Aliyah is a Hebrew word meaning “to go up”.   When a Jew returns to Israel he or she is ‘making Aliyah, or going up to Israel”.   There has been an increase of 137,000 Israeli citizens in the last 12 months and for the first time, Israel’s population is now at it’s highest of 6 million!

I believe the Lord has given me Isaiah 49 in preparation for my return to Israel.  It’s not just for me though.   The hereditary ties to Israel are being bought back.  God  desires for  Jews from all over the world to return to His land.  He wants to train many of them up as they are His prophets to the nations of the world.  The stolen sheep are coming home and wells will spring up from the dry ground as He says the Israel anointing is here.  Living water will flow through the land of Israel.  He says “Ephraim come back, Ephraim come back, like a willful calf you were lost and you strayed”.  Heavens gate is open, healing is coming, restoration, Israel will swim in the sea of God’s love as they breath in His unfailing love for His people.  They will know that He is the One who saves.

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