please pray for the 60 believers.

God was so faithful and the wind of His revival came in the last month I was in Taybeh.  40 souls were added to the church during my last trip, 15 in the last month.   I will be in Perth for some time as I must apply for a 12 month visa to return to Israel again.  I am discipling those who have IPhones or laptops online, and would appreciate your prayers that God would keep them by His power.  I have left a gentleman who loves Jesus to oversea them all while I am in Perth.

Also please join me in praying for the 7 people who have left Islam and given their hearts to the Lord.  I am teaching them online the difference between the bible and the koran.

LFCCEPHRAIM is still an underground church so as I get permission, I will post photos of the believers onto this website.


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