PRAISE THE LORD FOR 40 SOULS OVER THE LAST 11 MONTHS!!!! The power of the move of God has grown LFCCEPHRAIM to a total of 60, including seven Muslims who have left Islam.  The church is still underground as there is still some persecution in the village.  All of these believers now need to be baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit.  I am discipling some of them via email and Facebook, as most of them can’t afford internet.   I have also appointed a gentleman believer to take care of my flock until I return to Taybeh early next year.  I thank God for the leading of His Holy Spirit and for His outrageous grace upon my life.  It has been an honour to serve my King and I am now back in Perth having a rest and applying for a Clerical Visa so I can remain in Israel for a year.   Unfortunately I am not entitled to any more tourist visas this year.


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