Praise God for His  faithfulness!!!!   I have been offered an auditorium and a room in an old building in the Old City of Taybeh. The auditorium is fully equipped and very large, although I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m waiting for a meeting with the Priest from the Latin Parish in Taybeh who has given me permission to use it to teach English in.  The room is in a very old building high up on a hill in the Old City of Taybeh.  It is from the time of the Crusaders and is about 500 years old.  It is also owned by the Latin Parish, but the caretaker has given me permission to use it to teach English.  The English classes will be a cover for the church, so I would value your prayers for both these buildings to be available for fellowship.  Please also pray for 50 chairs, a table, and a projector.  The room will be available in about 2 weeks after it is cleaned up and painted.  Please pray for my meeting with the Priest and that the auditorium will be available also.  It is fully equipped ready to teach in.

Please also join me in declaring my prophecies from Pastor Reg regarding the move of God in Ephraim:

“…….When she gets back home…. people will start to gather around her, and people will start to listen and to hear what she has to say…. …… this trip there will be micro churches or churches that are in the house and churches that are underground……..I pray God that there will be a touch on those people that she will be speaking to, but this time God there will be a surge and this time God there will be a momentum, and this time God there shall be and there will be a movement God within this daughters life…….

“…….God has called you to a place which is so hard, so barren, and yet in this same place where barrenness is found, this is the place where I see there are so many shoots, so many plants, so many trees are about to rise up….”

Thank you and God bless you.

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