taybeh from Peters place


After much prayer and intercession in 2 weeks I will have the use of an extremely old room in a building in the Old City of Taybeh.  It is on the highest part of Taybeh overlooking the village.  The building  was built during the Ottoman Empire and is about 500 years old.  It has a low, arched concrete ceiling, concrete interior walls, floor and will seat about 50 people.  The other room in the building is used by the teenagers and young adults in Taybeh for various activities.  I plan to teach English as a cover for the church.  I will begin with normal English lessons and after a time, I will introduce some worship songs for them to listen to while having their cup of coffee.  They will learn the words from repeatedly listening to the songs.  After this I will introduce some simple memory verses for them to learn in English, and in this way I will slowly introduce the bible.  The building is owned by the Orthodox Latin Church and I will need to be as gentle as a dove and as wise as a serpent!

Sadly a rumour was started in the village that I was a Jehovah Witness and so the gentleman did not respond to my phone calls.  I am now trusting God to provide somewhere else for us to meet.

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