Taybeh village is in the West Bank of Israel about 30kms north of Jerusalem.  The West Bank is the area of Judea and Samaria and Taybeh is in the original name of Ephraim.   During the Crusaders war Ephraim was changed to Taybeh (meaning good and kind)  by a Muslim soldier who visited the village and found the people to be very hospitable.  It is unsafe for Jews to enter the village, and the people who live there are not permitted to leave the West Bank without a special day permit from the Israeli Government.    The village has a population of just over 1,000 Arab residents and there is no middle man, just the rich and the poor.  Muslims are permitted to rent and work in the village, but not to purchase property.  A young Muslim woman was caught having a relationship with an Orthodox Christian man in the village and her family killed her and tried to set Taybeh on fire.  The IDF removed all of the Muslims from the village at that time, but their presence in the village is increasing.  There are 33 Mulsim villages which surround Taybeh and they were once a combination of Jewish settlements and Orthodox Christians before the Muslims took control of each of the villages one by one.  Taybeh is the only village left with total Orthodox Christians permanently living there.   In 2005 Taybeh was firebombed after an Orthodox Christian and a Muslim woman from Deir Jeir were discovered in a relationship.  The woman was murdered in an honour killing after  she told her family she was pregnant to the man.  Taybeh was firebombed by men from Deir Jeir and thew IDF were called in to remove all Muslims from Taybeh.  Since that time Muslims may only rent homes and businesses in the village.



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